Lux Real Estate Investments has built an organization with best in class professionals, with leading industry experts and via alliances with reputable global service providers. The organization is managed by a team of highly experienced top-executives from the banking, insurance, investment and real estate industry, all recognized as experts in their field of competence and with an impeccable track record of proven succes, integrity and reliability.
Lux Real Estate Investments strives for a modern corporate governance strategy that takes into account the interests of the bondholders, shareholder as well as other stakeholders. The shareholders are actively involved in any matters that are of critical importance to the company’s continuity and success.

The issuance, sale and transfer of shares is highly restricted and the dissolution, liquidation of the company are bound to specific rules to ensure the stability and continuity of the company. All matters of critical importance are subject to decisions from a majority or supermajority of shareholders, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation.
The Board’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the bondholder’s rights, the growth and protection of the asset value of the investment portfolio, while at the same time maximizing the shareholder value, all within the boundaries of the regulatory framework. The Board plans, implements and monitors business performance, conducts oversight on regulatory, legal and fiscal compliance, statutory reporting and social responsibility. The Board consists of three directors. The Board has drawn up a charter which includes its duties, powers and working methods and information on its relationships with the stakeholders of the company. All board members have underwritten the company’s Directors Code of Conduct.
Mr. Piet Saarloos
Piet Saarloos, a Dutch national, is an international investment banker, business lobbyist and social entrepreneur for more than 30 years. He started his career at ING in the Netherlands, advancing as financial controller, country general manager to various executive roles amongst them at ING Direct. As member of the global leadership team at AT&T Europe Middle East &Africa he completed major corporate financial deals with some of the largest banks in the world for which he received several special achievement awards. In his role of advisor to the Executive Director of World Bank and IMF he structured, negotiated and completed numerous financial transactions with governments funding humanitarian projects and projects of major economic importance. Mr. Saarloos holds participations in several investment companies in Luxembourg. He is a recognized specialist in capital markets, structured bonds, corporate investments strategies and global business development. Mr. Saarloos holds  degrees in strategic management, business administration, finance and economics from several Dutch business schools and post–academic diplomas from ING Academy and AT&T Leadership University.

Mr. David Barret
Mr. Barrett, a UK national, is a top executive with 25+ years experience in the financial and investment services sector. in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the UK. He has extensive knowledge of corporate finance and business restructuring, financial management and reporting, regulatory supervision, taxation and management. Mr. Barrett is acting Conducting Officer responsible for risk and operations of a licenced Alternative Investment Fund Manager in Luxembourg as well as being a member of the Board of Directors of several regulated Luxembourg funds and numerous Luxembourg and overseas corporate entities. Previous to this he was Group Chief Financial Officer of EFG Group, Luxembourg and Group Chief Accountant of EFG Group, Geneva. Mr. Barrett is member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.
Expert Counsel
The shareholders and Board have commissioned a select group of independent industry experts to provide second opinions in support of decision making. The group consists of minimum five outside independent experts. The task force provides recommendations on matters like new bond issues, investment and divestments, contigency plans, risk mitigation strategies, .