Lux Real Estate Investments deploys a unique set of organizational competenties which have been continuously perfected using our practical experience. Our board of directors and their expert advisors ensure the organization operates continuously according best industry practices. Our operations are undertaken with the highest degree of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility to ensure we can adapt rapidly to frequently changing and unpredictable contingencies. We strive to be a leader in financial innovation introducing new groundbreaking structured financial products for our investors. In that respect we maintain a close relationship with the industry leaders and investor communities to ensure that our products meet the real needs of our investors.
Experienced Board
Lux Real Estate Investments has commissioned a team of professionals with an impeccable track-record of success. The board consist of experienced, knowledgable and visionary directors. They have been in the “driver’s seat” for many years at numerous reputable global financial institutions, asset management firms, insurance companies and even large commercial and private banks. Some also have deep experience in the structuring, launch and management of global real estate investment vehicles as well as real estate development firms. They have the required board room experience to  adequately deal with all stakeholders in particular with respect to regulatory, legal and administrative matters. At present, some of them occupy, at arms-length, critical positions at other investment funds, large family offices and real estate firms. In recognition of their status and reputation they frequently appear as key-note speakers at major global industry events . 
Expert Advisors
The Board of Lux Real Estate Investments maintains strong working relationship with industry specialists in structured finance, risk management, placements and trading as wel as ompliance, accounting, auditing, tax well as real estate experts. 

The shareholders of Lux Real Estate Investments are seasoned and succesful real estate investment entrepreneurs, business owners, board-level professionals each with at least 20 years of experience. They have been involved in numerous large scale international real estate transactions. The shareholders cover all required disciplines needed to effectively support our Board in making the right investment decisions. 

The shareholders have appointed a committee of external real estate and financial industry leaders to act as an "independent soundboard" for any critical business decisions. These expert advisors provide the necessary know-how on contigencies, real estate markets, investment and risk mitigation strategies and ocassionally act as ambassador, lobbyist, intermediator and negotiator for the company, if so required and allowed.
Process Excellence
Situated in Luxembourg, home to one of the world’s leading fund management service centers, we have been able to outsource most of our operations to best-in-class service providers like administrators, payment agents, custodians, banks, accountants and auditors. We continuously liaise with industry experts like rating agencies, tax advisors specialized in tax treaties and rulings as well as with legal advisors specialized in statutory and regulatory issues. Our administration is therefore fully compliant with the international standards.

All assets (including non-utilized cash on accounts) remain at all time under strict joint supervision of the shareholders, the board as well as an independent securities trustees. The latter one has been specifically commisioned to retain custodial control of the assets on behalf of the bondholders. Any bank transactions and delivery of securities occurs strictly on a bank-to-bank basis and via sophisticated transaction systems like Clearstream. Both our internal as well as external workflows are streamlined to ensure fast, low cost, and error-free administrative processing.

Throughout the investment period, we utilize global market data streams from intelligence providers to ensure we can rapidly and adequately respond to unexpected and unpredictable contingencies. If events of great impact suddenly occur, we will be able instantly mobilize our multi-disciplinary team of experts and instantly implement adequate measures in case of such exceptional events.
Financial Innovation
Lux Real Estate Investments is a true leader in structured finance. We engineer financial solutions that address the investors' real needs and investment goals. Key to our success is our close collaboration with financial institutions, family offices, funds and high net worths. We tailor the financial solutions taking into consideration the individual risk/return profile of the market and asset, the fiscal opportunities and legislative aspects. We utilize advanced scientific methods, mathematical models and computer-assisted tools to simulate risk/return scenarios and develop practical lebverage and risk mitigation strategies.

Lux Real Estate Investments is a true financial innovator. Besides our unique investment and risk management strategies, our innovation efforts have caused a major shift in the approach to funding of real estate investments. Real estate investors often miss out on lucrative deals, due to lack of equity or inability to timely obtain financing from lenders. Moreover they are unable to attract additional capital and grow their portfolios having exhausted their lending capacity and/or pledged all collateral to lenders. Lux Real Estate Investments provides a  solution to such investors offering perpetual, on-demand capital to restructure equity and debt positions, unlocks surplus collateral value and significantly improve their closing rates and growth of the investment portfolio.
Market Reach
Lux Real Estate Investments is actively engaged at the placement of the bonds. The bonds are offered to our vast global network of placement agents, high net worth individuals, family offices, asset managers and institutional investors with whom we maintain longstanding relationships. Occasionlally we team up with investment banks acting as underwriters of our bonds, or as exclusive market dealers or as syndicate leader.. With a stock-exchange listing we are able to reach a large professional audience dealing on global electronic capital markets and trading platforms.